Decaf Prayer

Oh God (it’s early),mail

Thank you for mornings when we get to wake up to something other than marimba or the recycling truck dropping a dumpster midair in the back alley. Thank you for hot water and hot coffee and all the heated comforts that make leaving a warm bed manageable. Thanks for sales on cereal and for milk in glass bottles. And maybe most of all, thank you for a chance to witness a more timid time of day.

Help us to be truthful, as truthful as possible, today; to own up to breaking the pen or the heart or our end of the deal. Help us to choose graciousness over greed, unnecessary kindness over righteousness. To do this and to mean it, if not fully than just a little bit more than half-heartedly. Help us to embrace the possibilities of being wrong, going in a new direction, staying still for just a minute. Trying these things with minimal amounts of eye rolling and teenage angst.

May we do this in the name of love. The kind of love that sticks around when our true mess rises to the surface. The kind that celebrates in our joy and holds us in our fear-flecked sorrow. The kind that can see past our sleep-deprived defensiveness and can offer the beast some cereal, coffee, maybe even a long, tired hug. A love that changes us, makes us civil enough. Love that carries us to lunch and midafternoon, when we start to believe that today just might be worth it, that it wasn’t a half bad idea to get out of bed in the first place.



6 responses to “Decaf Prayer

  1. You are good! I love the phrase “unnecessary kindness”. As I am NOT a morning person, I’ve been praying to get out of bed with at least some joy. I will post this prayer by my bed. Thanks!

  2. I am not a morning person at all, in any way whatsoever. I may hate mornings, but I love your beautiful prayers. Thanks for posting it!

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