Read. Comment. Pass it on.

Since commercial numero uno of Super Bowl 47 I can’t seem to shake a weird mix of curiosity and confusion. I’m pretty open-minded when it comes to most things but still, I was really surprised by how sexualized some of last night’s commercials were. And while half of me was cheering on a non-lip syncing Beyonce from my couch I also sort of felt like I was at the Gentlemen’s Gold Club on Route 40.

Was everything this racy (to sound about 50 years my senior) when I was watching the game at 7 or 8 years old? What do parents of kids and teens do now when long and awkwardly graphic kissing comes on, because I had to bury myself in the couch cushion and not come out for about five minutes. What’s the conversation around this? I thought I knew but last night makes me feel like a complete prude.

Is this just me? Does it matter anymore or are we totally numb to a half-naked Beyonce? Do we no longer believe this influences us? That since “body image” and “sexualization” have become such hottopics we no longer take what we’re seeing seriously?

If this is bothering us, what are we doing about it? How are we talking to/acting with our children? How are we reinforcing value outside of physicality? And how are we as adults being influenced by this?

Please read, comment, and pass the questions on. I am really wanting to learn more about what this conversation sounds like.


3 responses to “Read. Comment. Pass it on.

  1. Scott & I too noticed Beyonce was half naked. When I have kids who understand whats going on, I’ll get back to you. But until then I’m looking to you and Marc for advice and notes for when I have childrens.

  2. Oh I have a 14 y/o girl who got up and left the room. Not because I MADE her leave, she likes Beyonce. I WANTED to make her hide her eyes like I STILL do when something racy comes on. She didn’t like that Beyonce had resorted to near nakedness and thought with Beyonce’s talent, it was beneath her. So basically, I didn’t have to do anything about it. I have REAL issues with what’s on prime time now because we’re trying to raise our daughters to NOT depend on their bodies to be successful yet they see these kinds of things and society is acting like it’s normal. I’d have a fit if my 28 year old dressed like that going to a club! lol I say this at the risk of showing my 40 ish age! lol But seriously, I had SO many boyfriends when I was young and I never had to resort to dressing like that. I’m pretty sure it would have only hurt my cause, unless I wanted to spend ALL my time having sex. lol Just saying. Oh and the guy might WANT to have sex with a girl that dresses like that but he definitely won’t STAY with a girl that dresses like that. They tend to not want the competition from the other “male species”. Sorry to jack your blog but I got a lot to say about this! lmbo Thanks for giving me the room to barely touch how I REALLY feel about it 😉

  3. I also wonder how the game of football gets buried among the soft porn ads, and the raunchy half time shows. I saw about two seconds of the halftime show when she was dancing and opening her legs wearing not much more than two patches of lace and some lingerie. It is very disturbing to see how desensitized our kids have become and how numb parents are to helping guard what goes into their children’s eyes, hearts, minds, and spirits. I am saddened by all of it and saddened that our children are growing up amidst disrespect for women. Not only from men. But from themselves. They are literally selling us all out with every silly cheerleader/dancer costume, provocative dancing during sporting events, and the ads the pose for on city busses, magazines, and tv commercials. The more they sell things by using sex, the less men respect women in general and the harder it is to raise decent boys into decent men. Stop the insanity women. Value yourselves and your daughters and the world will be a better place.

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