Let’s not call it procrastination…

I had a few too many “has it really been that long??” moments this weekend. So many things I meant to check off my “TA DA!!!!” list months ago stepped in and reminded me that time flies and Chewy is driving. It’s a miracle I didn’t march myself to bed, waving the white flag by 4:00 pm Saturday.  I felt like that kid who left all her homework for Monday before school and then slept through the alarm. The worst part being- wait, this deserves some build up.

It started when I put Zoey in her jungle bouncy seat, the one she is about three inches too long for. Her weight now throws things off so she bounces uncontrollably every time she moves. Besides, I meant to move this out and get some new gear in about two months ago when lying on her back became soooooo 0-3 months. Anyway she was not having it. She started crying and flailing all over the place. I might as well have thrown her in a bouncy castle.

Then, as I’m in negotiations with the monkey Z won’t let go of as I try to get her out of the jungle bouncy hazard, I catch a look at my toes and I don’t know why but I come freakishly close to losing it. Over a month ago I began giving myself a pedicure. I got through cutting, filing, and getting one coat of polish on and then something started boiling or burning or crying. I left the nail polish out because I figured I’d get back to it that night. Today when I went to check the spot where I had left it right before the new year, it was still sitting right there.

Eventually, Zo lost sight of the monkey, forgot it existed, and we went about our afternoon. No nails painted. No developmentally appropriate excersaucers  (a thing!) ordered. At some point I received a text and as I read back through the message I remembered this friend sent me a pretty time-sensitive message one week ago. I had started a response to but had run to tend to something boiling, burning, or crying before I hit send. (Jessi, my apologies. I hope the birthday outing was more fun than a hundred jungle bouncy seats.)

And finally, the pièce de résistance: The cupcakes fiasco that almost smoked us out of/burned down the apartment. Yeah, you know instead of the gory details I’ll just advise you not procrastinate when it comes to oven cleaning. Only you can prevent kitchen fires.

I was recently reading a blog post about working on God’s time rather than our earth-bound time and like a good blog devotee I’ve been trying (with great intention) to incorporate this kind of thinking into the every day stuff around here…but it’s getting a little wonky.

For all she’s capable of right now Zo just can’t seem to wrap her 40th percentile sized noggin around the meta. Like when she cried because she saw her sweet potatoes thawing and didn’t understand that it was not quite sweet potato o’clock yet. I tried to tell her, “If you could, just stretch the concept of minutes, be in the present with me and enjoy this thawing time to it’s fullest with these here puffs.” *

Or at the pharmacy when they asked if I would be waiting for my refill: “Well, yes and no. Eternally waiting but also meeting the moment where it is.” So I went and met the moment between the left over Ravens beads and the Whitman Samplers in the seasonal section while they took care of my prescription.

So really, in this light, I haven’t been procrastinating with these other things at all. I’ve just been working with a more eternal time frame.

*This is actually just a deconstructed version of Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville with puffs instead of alcohol.



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