Rough Draft Prayer

God (whose love is more deep and wide than a comically large Whitman’s Sampler),

My heart is freakishly full with everything there is to think on and be grateful for today. Help me to be won over by the gratefulness. Help me to lessen my “puddle” episodes where I just fall to the kitchen floor, whining and sobbing over the simultaneous experience of inadequacy and undeserved luck. Help me to pack away the yard stick, to stop searching the sky for signs of the other shoe, to both embrace and move through space with this grateful heart of mine.

Thank you for love in different shades. For Zoey. For Marc. For parents that taught us what love can be. For what we have that’s worth celebrating. For hardship…not really (give me a little more time with hardship.)  Thank you for so many different ways of saying “I love you”…

except for Conversation Hearts. Grossest things ever. Amen?




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