Rough Draft Prayer

Said while giving Zo her first bottle of the day

God of Good Mornings,

Bless this bottle to our use and us to your service. (Z grabs my finger) Rather than clenching our fists and gritting our teeth, help us to reach out to others from a place of love, not obligation.  Help us continue to grow and learn new things (chokes from drinking too fast) like patience. (Frighteningly big burp)

Breathe on us the breath of your Spirit, remind us what goodness fills our lungs, our bones, our bodies. (Begins to wail, realizing the bottle is empty) And while bottles may run dry, help us to trust in the assurance that your love is an ever-lasting spring. (Continued crying) When we must part ways with things and people we love, draw us that much closer to you.

Amen (and a little spit up)


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