Get Up


I think I went through all of the words on our “swear” list (and a few additions) yesterday.  More on this list later…

The bombings in Boston were yet another reminder of the new normal we live in and looking at the world’s response, we all seem a little fed up. This might be normal but it’s not a fair representation of what we’re all about here.

Yesterday’s events were shocking and awful but marked the first tragedy that did not completely knock me out for the count. For a minute I was down and maybe it’s because this was my hometown, my dirty water city, but as I watched the tape  of the explosions my instinct was to get up and run towards the crowds that were hurt. To rescue and recover rather than run away. For the first time I was able to really know that in the aftermath of everything I had an opportunity those directly affected did not: I could get up and get to the work of recovery. This is what we have done for each other since the beginning of time, it’s just taken me a while to see this way clearly.

When the people of our world cannot pick themselves up because of loss, the rest of us are charged to hold and carry their share. We have to continue forward with a light made brighter by the people and experiences we take with us into our work. And we have to live into the belief that this is what will be done if or when we become “those directly affected.”

Carry on with greater light.

Human kindness has never weakened the stamina or softened the fiber of a free people. A nation does not have to be cruel in order to be tough. FDR


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