A Healing 5

This is borrowed from BookGirl and, in my usual style, is a day late as the “Friday 5” politely points out. And while I previously suggested that one of the endless answers to this week’s hurts is to Get Up, so many of us are naturally looking to our rituals, routines, and other dependables for comfort.

Where do you go for healing, for comfort.

1. A piece of music

Anything by James Taylor but if I must choose, Sweet Baby James.

2. A place

The library.

3. A favorite food (they call it “comfort food” for a reason)

I’ve recently gotten into roasting a chicken as therapy. I don’t know… Other than that, going to tea has always helped me catch my breath. Nothing like tiny sandwiches to make you feel like life might be more manageable than it seems.

4. A recreational pastime (that you watch or participate in)

Walking. Walking. Walking. And/or watching tennis.

5. A poem, Scripture passage or other literature that speaks to comfort you.

I read The Secret Garden compulsively. And now that we have the baby, The Very Hungry Caterpillar is also a daily habit.

BONUS: People, animals, friends, family – share a picture of one or many of these who warm your heart.

These beans: Image


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