At the table together

These days there are a lot of thoughtful people putting a lot of thought into what thoughtful people should eat. I know it’s important to think about these things, but it’s also important to think about people’s feelings. I have seen people use their dietary rules like a battering ram, giving everyone who doesn’t subscribe to them a case of heartburn. We’re a nation that has so many food choices, we have had to become the leader in food rules to keep ourselves in check. So let’s not begrudge the vegetarian or the locavore or the omnivore with a dilemma. Let’s not judge the big breakfast eater, the all-day snacker, or the person who thinks that if you eat it standing up and over the sink, it doesn’t count. Let’s just sit at the table together in peace and give thanks. God is great, God is good, let us thank God for our food. Amen.

Lillian Daniel

(Image from Steven Kurtz’ Blog)


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