Impossible Amounts

Happy Mother’s Day to you, Mom

and to those who stepped on when Mom’s hands were full.

To all the moms, babysitters, friends of the family who picked us up from wherever we had wandered, stinking and giggly and a new brand of wound up!

To the carers, dream instillers, tear wipers; for teaching us it’s OK to cry and when we’re done crying (for the time being) it’s safe to smile and carry on.

For showing us that myth of a perfectly balanced life is a bold-faced lie; that the task is to be in but not of chaos.

For making us do things we felt were stupid wastes of time…

practicing for 30 minutes

using a ruler


…most of it was worth it.

And perhaps most crucially, for not taking us by the shoulders and directing us to immediately head for the high hills when we shared that we, your children, were ourselves to become bearers of an impossible amount love.

Because as anyone who has ever cared more than they thought possible for someone will tell you, when you are given the news that a friend, sister, daughter is about to become “Mom” it is never overwhelming joy.

And if it is it is quickly followed by the realization that she is about to have her very full and vulnerable heart running around outside of her,

exposed and bumping in to every corner it can find…

crawling through the sandbox and slipping in the tub.

WHY didn’t we pick up a shower mat?!?!

Like some wild and excited creature, it will be on the loose!

And it will never fully be at rest inside of her again.


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