(Oh tidings of) Discomfort & Joy

God did not call us to succeed, God called us to serve.

God did not call us to win, God called us to work.

God did not call us to live long, God called us to live for Him.

God did not call us to be happy, God called us to be hopeful.

God did not call us to fame, God called us to faith.

God did not call us to seek power, God called us to seek peace.

God did not call us to loot the earth and each other, God called us to love our earth and each other.

Marian Wright Edelman, Guide My Feet

Do you have something you read every day or that you read as a reminder and grounding?  Care to share? Please leave a comment!

I was given the book above by my aunt (actually it’s Zo’s. I’ll return it to her library when she starts reading rather than gumming her literature) and right now, this prayer is what slowly brings me back to the ground and yet gives me the permission to levitate a little. It speaks a bold truth clearly in an atmosphere of mixed messages.

Along with the prayer I will watch this (thanks Dad!) and drink a questionable amount of Yogi Egyptian Licorice Tea.

What do these things specifically help me remember?

1) It’s not about me or in other words, I’m not the Queen of the Universe. The tiara is just an accessory.

2) Despite what the carol would have us believe, comfort and joy are not necessarily a perfect pair. I’ve waged a war on happiness in the past year and I think it’s time to put down the heavy artillery. Happiness brings to mind lemonade, lazy days, cozy comforts of the space within our safety zone. Joy, on the other hand, seems like something that rises slowly, grows, and has a greater life span. It dialogues with discomfort and usually gains some weight through this relationship.

3) Hope is essential. It is not made of cotton balls and something only found at KarmaFests or inaugurations. It’s a real-deal, feet on the ground, hands in the mud way of life.

4) So much of (um, everything) I have is not a privilege, right, or payment. My response to these things is clenching and hoarding, in my bank account, on my resumes, in my home. So much of what I have before me is a gift. The only appropriate and sensical response is joy.

So go forward child of goodness and be joyful, even when it doesn’t feel comfortable!


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