Rough Draft Prayer: It’s the baby

Sweet, Sweet Lord,

It’s the baby. (Always, right?!) She’s trying to walk.

I know what you’re thinking: How terribly inconsiderate. RIght?!? I’m pretty sure these kinds of things are suppose to happen when I’m good and ready and no one thought to consult with me!!!

She thinks she’s ready to be loose in the world. She doesn’t know that there are real dangers lurking right outside her crib, things like dust and  hard edges and sharks.

I can’t seem to talk her out of this so I need to you “work on her heart”, as they say. Do they say that? I’m just copy/pasting… Help others to understand she’s mine. All mine and that I love her the most and that this is INDEED a competition and I win.

And while you’re at it, “work on my heart” too because I seem to think it’s OK to go hours without seeing the babe and I’ve stopped checking to make sure she’s breathing every hour of the night and the nightmares of awful tidal waves taking her away from me have receded. The long and short of it is I’m feeling OK these days. Like I myself can be cut loose in the world…

And we all know how dangerous an idea that is.

So glad you see where I’m coming from. Thanks for your help.

All the best and Amen.



One response to “Rough Draft Prayer: It’s the baby

  1. Sonogram
    by Paul Muldoon

    Only a few weeks ago, the sonogram of Jean’s womb
    resembled nothing so much
    as a satellite map of Ireland:

    now the image
    is so well-defined we can make out not only a hand
    but a thumb;

    on the road to Spiddal, a woman hitching a ride;
    a gladiator in his net, passing judgement on the crowd.


    If babies are the map of Ireland, then Moms are the Atlas…and you are a fully illustrated one, Katie! You and that girl will love discovering each other’s world together! Now, wait until she hops on her tricycle for the first time…oh, yeah…she’s off!!

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