Happy Friday the 5th, everyone! The fourth of July…I don’t know where to begin. I am such a fall/winter soul that this is one of those holidays I have always tried to appreciate and just get through. Sweaty cook outs, crammed fireworks displays, spreads of every fried food you can imagine have just never done it for me. So I finally decided to stop pretending and to plan our 4th my way. It was a girl’s day since Marc had to work and we enjoyed it with Zoey’s great-grandmother (and my NaNa) at lunch and later joined friends for a concert and walk around our neighborhood.

I’m surprised Zoey was able to sleep there was so much for her to take in. And she spent the whole day watching and talking and laughing with anyone who caught her eye. NaNa put it well when, as we were departing from our visit, she said “Katie, she’s something, she’s…the word is ‘wonderful’!” Agreed (though I’m pretty biased in this case.) This child is truly full of wonder…and sweet potatoes.

It was one of those days where you finally crash, realize it’s hour an hour later than when you usually reach this point, and give a whole lot of thanks for your undeservedly wonder-filled life.



2 responses to ““wonderful”

  1. Let’s see….what’s a nine-letter word for an amazing 11-month-old great-granddaughter applauding her astounding 98-year-old great-grandmother …!!!

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