Meet Cora Vivienne (Little Lionheart)

Meet Cora Vivienne (Little Lionheart)

I’ve been following this (super)mom’s blog for a while now and pass it along in the hopes that more people out there will check in, pray hard, light candles, and keep Cora with them.

It sounds, hmmmm- I don’t know, superficial (?) to use Cora’s story to serve something in me- as a woman, sister, daughter, wife, mother- but still and truthfully, following her journey has given me greater perspective and constantly reminded me that we (as in, ALL of us) are in this together. We are meant to work for one another, be in each other’s suffering,  celebrate each other’s joys, and go forth every day in this love for the other, despite all the evidence that this existence thing is only and all about competition, comparison, and collecting.


4 responses to “Meet Cora Vivienne (Little Lionheart)

  1. I just found the blog. My cheeks are still soaked and my heart is still filled with such incredible pain but my God is she a beautiful woman, beautiful mother, beautiful person. She is the purest illustration of love and sacrifice and hope.

  2. Hi! I just randomly stumbled on this because I was feeling sad and wanted to reread the blog. I am Cora’s aunt. I am so grateful that my sweet niece touched so many people in her short but beautiful life. Thank you for loving her too. Amy

    • And I’m so grateful for your comment. Thank you! Cora’s little life and big heart left a beautiful mark on the world. Lots of love to you and your family.

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