What was with this weekend? It just seemed to bring along so many heavy feelings. We were all disappointed by each other, angry, sad, scared. Like we all suddenly forgot how much we need each other, that we’re all on the same team.

I do not have a superhero set of skills when it comes to processing so much weight. I’m pretty messy about it: it involves crying and cursing and writing 23 draft blog posts then deleting them in one fell swoop. And this is OK except that I’m a therapist and the pain thing is supposed to be my forte. Whoops. Missed that day of class…

So the only thing I can think to do, so that the mess doesn’t spill over into every minute of my day (just every other minute) is give it some time. Not in the “this too shall pass” kind of way but in the real designated early morning and late night prayer fashion. To sit and get it all out of my system and then, allow for some receiving, to be still (and pipe down for a second!!) and know, as they say.

I can’t help but really believe in this. And isn’t it about time? I know there are so many out there who already carve out this kind of time so think of this as my voice joining the choir. You’ll know I’m there when someone starts up with an awkward and spontaneous harmony. And if this isn’t part of your day and you’re craving a little ritual and some “slow-down, get quiet” time, jump in.


Cora’s candle

God, Thank you for Cora. For her strength and spirit. For giving her such a wonderful family. Please God, help her to know how close you are during this time. Breathe on her little body, taking away her pain and giving her rest. May her parents feel your embrace holding them up as they are weighed down with such heaviness. And please be with all who one day wake up to pain beyond anything imaginable. Pull our hearts closer to each other during these days so that we may hear and feel your love coursing through our lives. Amen


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