Rough Draft Prayer: Salt + Water

Creator and Combiner,

The sun slept in longer than I did today and so I’ve had a chance to watch one of your more potent mixtures: nights that run into mornings. And I think of another sacred pairing I’ll be experiencing so, so soon. Salt and Water.

For as much as I curse these places where one runs into another- where there’s more grey than black or white, where the beginning and end are faded out to bring forward a beautiful middle- this is where your art lies.

Help my little lost child pause in the panic of uncertainty, take a look around, and give great thanks for these moments of divine melt.



4 responses to “Rough Draft Prayer: Salt + Water

  1. How about the if not sacred at least soulful pairing of vodka and chocolate! Enjoy that ironic pair at Kathryn’s!! Xoxoxo

      • Now there’s another great pairing! What an excellent choice!! Sounds as though the three of you had a satisfying family vacation as you prepare to celebrate Zo’s first birthday on the 7th. We sent a couple of little things in the mail to add to the festivities!! Xoxoxo

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