Different Way

There’s something about being face-to-face with giant water that always resets me in some way or another. And as we get ready to end our trip (and it’s a good, GOOD sign that I can type that without hyperventilating, right?) I know that the reset button has already been hit during our time here.

M & I have had the chance to watch Zoey move and roam and discover outside of her normal environment. We’ve noticed, almost in disbelief, how much she has grown. We’ve also been able to experience each other outside of our lowly lit apartment. Really, when people catch on to the power of like we therapists will be out of business.

We’ve had the chance to indulge, celebrate, and not frame things in our more routine and sustainable context. And after the initial feeling of panic, I can say the experience has been refreshing.

We are returning home to returning to packing up our home and move our little shells up the street. And thanks to this time as our little family and the intercession of salt water taffy and sand, it feels like we’re heading home already in a really good place. Same road, different way.

May you too find different ways on the roads regularly traveled!



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