Year One

If I had a dime for every time I stopped and said, “I can’t believe it’s been a year!” yesterday, I could probably pay for Zo’s college. Alright, maybe the first year. First day???  OK, I could buy her a T-Shirt at the gift shop.

And I wanted to write something to mark this day that felt so powerful in an unforced, un-Hallmark way…

I wanted to write down everything I’ve learned about Zoey during her first year but that would be The Never-Ending Blog Post.

I wanted to list everything I adore about her but these things seems to be appearing by the minute.

I wanted to do an open letter to her but I heard a story on NPR about a mother who did that and gave her daughter 21 letters on her 21st birthday and her daughter felt totally overwhelmed. I am going to overwhelm Zo in so many unintentional ways. Why add to the pile!!

So instead I’m going to turn the camera on you and give thanks for all you have done to love us through this year.

For celebrating with us as we prepared our lives and hearts for Zoey, even though we were so, so scared. You told us we would be great. You were lying but you gave us the confidence to put down the “What to Expect…” and to enjoy the months leading up to Z’s birth.

For rainbow booties and tie-dyed onesies!

For being calm when I was not. For being kind and gentle to the nurses when my volume was set at 11.

For getting in your cars early, early, early to come see us, prepare our home, be with Rumer.

For bringing lunch and friends to be with Z.

For being a part of the “Dressing My Daughter” story.

For taking Z on walks, singing the ABC’s to her, and feeding her parents delicious cake!

For the Starbucks dates that got me out of the house and kept the walls from closing in so quickly.

For bringing Z beautiful books and letting her lie on your kitchen floor.

For sharing Thanksgiving with us (even if we had terrible colds!!)

For letting Z crawl through the office and be a complete distraction during staff meetings.

For holding and rocking “the sweet girl” to sleep while I danced!

For sharing the story of your Little Lionheart.

For opening your home to the three of us, inviting us to the party, and for not throwing dirty looks when Z started to fuss. 

For withholding dirty looks when I started to fuss.

For taking Z on her first trip to the zoo.

For sharing your apple every Monday.

For being the kindest ten-year-old boy (with a broken leg!) on the planet and happily entertaining Z for the entire plane ride.

For letting a less-than-gentle baby play your piano.

For reading, walking, being alongside us.

Because of you, we have it so good and are looking forward to the start of year two!


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