A steady diet of light and soft floor

Hey Friends! A load of a lot has been happening around here. Lots of change and lots of noticing how  life in turn reacts to that change. Kind of like testing out new foods on Zo except no unsightly rashes…yet.

The biggest change is we physically moved our home from one space to another. Within the pick up, put down, settle in process it has been unreal to feel what a difference more room and more light make. I mean, ZOMG! We have windows on both sides of us. For my seasonal self, upping the light has upped the laughter (except for yesterday but that story is just a whole other can of crap) and the feeling of lightness, or less weightedness, which, as it turns out, is not a word.

The people who have walked in darkness have seen a great light…

Also, it turns out moving didn’t kill me. It came close but I will just have to die another day. Despite my most concentrated convictions and though Marc (who somehow wasn’t himself ruined my week of pre-move panic attacks) may laugh at the suggestion, a little transition won’t completely take me down. Make a note, Katie. Make a note.

And lastly (for now), there’s something really necessary about carpet. More specifically, about flopping down and rolling around on soft floor, a floor that receives you instead of letting you know where the limits lie, I’m lookin’ at you hardwood and tile. In a way, I’m glad I’m just rediscovering this so that I didn’t take it for granted for my entire early adult life. Never again will I live somewhere that doesn’t have a soft ground where I can do morning stretches or play with Zo without causing a full-body bruise. Never again. I just won’t stand for it.

There’s more. So much more. But now it’s time to go out into that wonderful sun and get a walk in with my girl before it tucks in for the night.

Light-infused laugh attacks to you and yours.


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