Just a girl and her M&M’s

Anne Lamott recently had a post on her FB page that responded to a question about what her job would be if she was not a writer. In her usual witty and cute style, she said the dream job would be sitting with a bowl of M&M’s and a bowl of cherries in front of her church and spending time with people. Not fixing them or apologizing for life’s circumstances. Just being.

Her answer has fueled my mental happy place though I’ve made a few edits. The most important one being that I would only have one bowl, obviously the one full of M&M’s, because in my book M&M’s are the best example of “getting it right.” And cherries have pits that always trip me up.

Also, because I’m less saintly than Ms. Anne I’d be completely alone. The exception being my massage therapist who would come for an hour every day because I figure if I’m able to quit work and go sit in a garden all day with a bowl of candy I can probably spring for a personal body work specialist. But she cannot share my M&M’s.

Now I just need to figure out how to pare this down for the objectives section on my resume. Suggestions?


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