Girl Does Yoga, Thinks She’s Brilliant…

For the last week or so I’ve gone back to restorative (not at all geriatric) yoga while trying to love on my tired brain and bones. But today I skipped the “greater energy” session for the “mental clarity” one in an effort to start clearing out the brain gunk (ew) that has been threatening to overrun the roost and send me out the door, panting and pants-less.

And during this 20 minute exercise I was reminded of several since-the-dawn-of-time truths that, at first, I did not want to rush out and blog about. But as they were such important mental notes, ones that brought me back to the true nature behind “real” life, I wanted to echo them out in case any one else could stand a little reminder.

So here we go. Katie’s Yoga-Brain “Wisdom and Stuff” for August 29, 2013:

1) Do not fear natural wavering: Transition and adjustment are at the top of my “No Freaking Way” list because they are never perfect and/or easy. And because they can be temporarily hard and/or uncomfortable, I tend to forget that change can still be OK. Sometimes, even really, really good. I also know that when I come to a strong point of understanding in my life it’s important to move my belief into action and that too, can trip me up; I doubt the confident tone of my inner monologue and go forward very hesitantly, retreating at the first sign of resistance. Translating thought into action is the hard work we’re asked to do So it is OK to move thoughtfully and intentionally, realizing that a misstep at a slower pace is more manageable than a sprained ankle caused by traveling at a break-neck speed to avoid faltering.

2) Balance is not a direct intention but a subtle, internal conversation: I hear this and picture Zoey learning to walk. As she has started to pick herself up and waddle across the room, I’ve learned that movement is so much more about the side-to-side action than it is about the forward and back. She is giving weight and responsibility to both her left and her right, paying attention to how they come together at her core. Now go and apply this to life.

3) Do not fix your focus but let your eyes receive light: I know! Gag! But hear me out. As a (mostly) extrovert, first-child, type A personality I spend very little time in receiving mode. New concept zone! So it sort of BLEW MY MIND when I thought about parts of my body being more passive than active. And think about how trauma and pain are stored in the body! Think of how many of us live with contracted tissues, constantly ready to respond! And it seems to me that practicing receptivity rather than reaction in our physical selves may be just as challenging as doing so in our mental and emotional capacities. This is the hard but good.

So there you have it. I hope this also helped you start the glamourous process of un-gunking and that you enjoy the cookie that came with these fortunes.


2 responses to “Girl Does Yoga, Thinks She’s Brilliant…

  1. YAY! Love these thoughts, Yoga is such a great way to remind ourselves through the body about life (which isn’t a great new observation, but its the one I often come to) I’ve been a novice Yogi for 5 years now and love it!

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