World News (according to me.)

It feels like there’s a lot going on in the world right now. Or maybe everyone’s just being super opinionated and I’m checking FaceBook too much. That could certainly be the case. Let’s not put it past you or me.

And since no one asked, I thought I should offer a quick review of where I stand on the hard hitting issues facing our world today and yesterday and last week.

Syria: Holy Moly. I’m overwhelmed by what’s going on. Just drunk with information (let’s say) and instead of being that girl at the party who just cries and makes no sense, (let’s say) I’m handing over the keys to someone a little more responsible : 1) I’m giving $ to people I trust know more and better than I do right now. These guys right here. 2) I pray something like “God, I just– WHY??? Gahhhhh! I know, right???? Amen.”

Miley Cyrus: I’m shocked and appalled and totally. not. None of that. She’s a celebrity. This is what celebrities do. They are crazy. And when they channel the crazy the right way we give them trophies and when they lose their minds we take it very personally. Don’t worry, she’s just being Miley and she’s not contagious so your daughters are just fine. Probably a little boring but fine.

Mrs. Hall’s Letter: The truth is I didn’t read her letter to her teenage boys because it didn’t come across my radar because I try to avoid other parents and their opinions. But I really like this lady’s response. And I really like her.

The weather: Yeah man, I’m with you. It needs to cool down. Until it does let’s start making those construction paper fans again, the ones we would fold up in elementary school and our teachers would be like “you know waving that around is just going to take up more energy and make you more hot.” Another topic for another day: why were our teachers such jerks??

9/11: I have to avoid FaceBook when this day comes around. Not because I’m anti-patriotic (I might be. Ask my husband.) or “I’m so over 9/11” but this is an awful, awful day. Awful. And as hard as your statuses try, we can’t put words around the situation. So can we stop pretending like we can? If you’re so moved by the self-sacrifice of this day go to your local firehouse, hospital, or police station and say thanks. Heck, go become an emergency responder. Join the Peace Corps or the Marine Corps. Whatever way you lean. Sign up to teach a children’s Sunday School lesson or an art class. Coach a kids’ soccer league. Help the little ones figure out how to work together in this real world of ours. And while we’re at it, figure out how you, big adult-like you, can start working with and not against the people around you. Those you like and those you really, really don’t like. I’ll go first. Just give me a minute…

Zoey’s walking: And has more teeth. So she’s practically a T-Rex.  Sharptooth likes to read to herself right now and she makes “Guess How Much I Love You?” sound as serious as Moby Dick. She’s also taken up singing and dancing and I’ll happily report that if these areas don’t improve we won’t have to worry about boys. Ever.

What? My child walking isn’t world news? Hold on let me grab a pen. I’d like to take down your name and address.


One response to “World News (according to me.)

  1. Wait a minute…Zoey’s walking?! Get out! Then that was her I saw on Charles Street, eyeing those red three-inch heels. Zoey’s walking so look out…here come the shoes, here come the shoes, here come the shoes…👠 ❤ AJ ❤

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