Runner-Up Parenting: Telephone (ma ma ma telephone…)

Two nights ago, we spent a solid hour trying to get Zo to answer her toy phone and say “Hello??” The lesson seems to have had a delayed application because, as of 7:30 this morning, everything is now a phone. Book? No, phone. Dirty diaper (“how’d she get a hold of that anyway snarky snak snark??!??Not the point.) It’s a phone. Breakfast? Phone. Diaper Cream? Phone. Shoe? Phone.

Can we pause, just for a second, to remember those phones that looked like shoes? Right?? And lips phones? Why oh why did we ever leave the nineties?? Oh yeah.

Not only does Z now think that everything can be answered with an enthusiastic “Hehdow???” but she also forces the routine on everyone within her sight. And you had BETTER answer that sweet potato with a smile…

This is where I would normally go on about how open children are to seeing the possibilities for communication or how they are so much more naturally welcoming or innovative or just plain crazy than us, the jaded adults.

But what I really want you to take from this is that I spent most of today talking into produce (and this still doesn’t count as the weirdest day of my life.)


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