The Coffinmaker

Some people do early morning yoga. I post videos about death, dying, and coffins. We all have our thing…

And I really (more than many, many things) hope you will take four minutes to watch this. I first saw this video at …In the Meantime and pieces of it stayed with me all day.

Like many other people, I’m severely claustrophobic, to the point of not being able to wear turtle necks. Yes. So though I am fully aware that this fear will go with the rest of the physical me, I can’t even talk about the option of burial without a paper bag. After watching Marcus Daly I feel like I’m able to breathe through the thought, like I’ve borrowed a new perspective on the whole thing. His work and words captured in this short clip are striking, perspective-shifting, and very, very real.

Peace to you in all that you are and everywhere you go today.


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