A: This

Q: What’s the best Christmas clip of all time?


3 responses to “A: This

  1. The Christmas clip I never grow tired of watching is “The Bishop’s Wife”! I also enjoy watching the old family home movie clip of the annual singing of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” at Nana and DaDaw’s home with the special feature of 4- or 5-year-old Katie attempting a solo performance of Old MacDonald despite the constant “humorous” sing-along interruptions by her Dad and Uncle until, like all good Divas, she demands that they not sing! And they didn’t and she did!! Powerful even at a young age!

    • And it’s already starting with the new generation! When Marc and I start singing along to Twinkle Twinkle/The ABZ’s she will patiently wait for us to be done and then continue where we so rudely interrupted…

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