From Our Crazy to Yours; A Family Christmas Letter

Dearly Beloveds,

Have you ever tried to bathe a cat? If not, Google it then bring that picture to either mind or screen. This is exactly how I am entering 2014.  It isn’t that I’m clawing the walls out of fear or some great despair. I just feel like I need a few extra weeks to really finish everything left on my list for 2013, which is actually just “take a nap” written 14 times.

Remember when it felt like it took a small eternity to get from December 1 to Christmas? I want some more of that action without the weird tween hair and having to take the bus to school.

This year has felt very full, which I believe translates from mom-blog speak to “like chaos on crack.” There have been job changes, a move, the new Boy Meets World series, all requiring our family’s precious time and even more precious energy.

Marc jumped from one life plan into another without missing a beat. This is a great gift of his that sends me over a gigantic cliff on a daily basis. I would tell you what he’s up to now but then I’d probably have to kill you. I can’t remember if that’s what you say when something is top secret or mob-related…not that what he’s doing has anything to do with the mob. Or does it?? Any mob people reading this: IT DOES NOT. Please do not put a horse head under my covers or send any of your mob friends to our home (but know that Mark Wahlberg is always welcome here…) When he’s not busy with reality, Marc is usually talking or thinking about Jacoby Jones.

I have spent this year really practicing my gratitude. At this point, I think it’s safe to say I’m a gratitude ninja who uses her skills to combat apathy through annoying Facebook posts and pictures like this:


Thanks to introversion being the new thing, my Friday nights (spent knitting) have never felt so justified. Between the knitting, chamomile tea, and my morning stretch routine it makes sense that we’ll start touring assisted living facilities in the very near future.

My personal accomplishments for 2013 include consistently remembering to wear pants outside our home, learning to make kumquat marmalade, watching the entire second season of Homeland without giving up on the world, refraining from any drastic hair design choices, getting in the best first car accident ever, and developing no new allergies.

Zoey continues to impress. Most recently, she’s taken to answering “No” to everything. For now, the proper responses include “yes that is your nose!”, “…body can do the  BOOGALOO, like I do!”, and simply walking away. Even though it’s been a wild year of growth Zo has also held off on any serious hair cuts.

Our family’s hopes for the new year include world peace and a doughnut shop that opens within walking distance from our home. Marc would ask for the Ravens to beat all the teams and that Top Gun 2 start production as soon as possible. Zoey, is wishing boyband LFO secretly reunites and drops a surprise album over night.

With a husband who sings Kenny Loggins in his sleep and a baby that routinely throws blunt objects at my head, it’s hard to imagine I could wish for anything more out of life. But if I had to think of something it would involve landing my own primetime Christmas special in 2014. Featured guests would be Mark Wahlberg, LFO, Kenny Loggins, the Human Beinz, and Jacoby Jones.

With more gratitude in my pinky than your entire being,



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