Actually hungry.

It’s funny: people who do not know me but read this blog have commented that the name (The Very Hungry) is a good way to describe a spiritual craving for connection. Everyone who knows me in real life and humors me by reading along assumes the name has something to do with my bottomless appetite and love of Eric Carle. Of course, I try to live into the deeper meaning some have offered as to what goes on here but as long as there are dessert trays I will never be able to deny that a lifelong hunger and willingness to try anything edible are what bring us here today.

Then there’s Zoey who at a little over one year old licks her bowl clean and (as a dear and well-dressed friend suggested) would name the refrigerator her favorite room in the house. So the name is working on a few different levels and generations.

To take a little time and space to honor these appetites of ours today is a super mom-blog post of recipes we’ve recently tried out!


Image: Splendid Table

Tuscan Herb Salt: Preferably, make during the summer when you can open every window you have. Unless you enjoy smelling like garlic for days or are a vampire slayer.


Image: Nom Nom Paleo

Chocolate Truffles: The Ritchie Rich of desserts. The process is messy so if you can hire a child or teen with clean hands to do the dirty work you have no reason not to make these.


Image: Oh She Glows


Cherry Chocolate Chip Bites: To make these super healthy, add dried cherries, dip in chocolate, and enjoy while watching an SVU marathon.


Image: The Shiksa Blog

Infused Vodka:I’ve only tried chile and orange but the possibilities are endless so dream big, shoot for the   moon, don’t stop believin, etc…


Image: The Smitten Kitchen

Clementine Cake: Thank you for this recipe, Heather! Subbed honey for sugar and though it tastes wondrous the best part of this whole deal is that your home will end up smelling like cooked clementines, which is code for heaven.

Favorite new recipes? Please share! This Very Hungry will be very grateful!



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