Katie California

I have a something strange to share. It’s going to sound like I’m being clever for the sake of whatever that would get me, but embarrassingly, this situation is as real as real can be.

Up until a few days ago, in a deep, tucked away part of my brain, I believed that California, and all the Kardashians that come with it, only occupied a virtual existence. This came to the surface as I de-boarded the first leg of our flight west in LA. I’m not sure what I was expecting, that we would get off and still be ankle deep in Baltimore snow or what, but I found it sort of surreal to be somewhere I had only ever heard about up until that time.

Given this case study, it isn’t a stretch to imagine that in the days of Copernicus and Kepler I would have been the one passing out “Heliocentric can go to hell!!” pamphlets. Or in the days of Columbus et al., my protest sign would have read “Earth is flat, no way around that!!” Safe to say in the machine of progress, I would be the tiny pebble that grinds the cogs to a halt.

I don’t remember feeling this way when I landed in London or Rome or Puerto Rico as a young adult. I know I didn’t feel like this the first time our family went to Maine or Florida. Maybe when we’re smaller, in experience or body, the bigness of the world doesn’t feel so crazy. Maybe we imagine that it will be to scale once we’re officially grown up.

But here’s what I’m trying to say: California exists.

Here’s what I mean: If it’s easy for you to make your world the size of a sandbox, step out for a minute. If you are very comfortable imagining that everything you see around you is all (period. end of story.) that is happening, find a way, big or small, to see something else. And if you are starting to feel like you’re wearing out your welcome in the spotlight, find some new people to get edgy with, which is to say rub up against some new souls and remember your unique shape by learning the edges and curves of others. I can’t phrase this in a way that doesn’t sound like I’m telling you to get physically feely with strangers so I’m going to stop here…

Also and importantly, as I have yet to see a Kardashian I think they can stay in the “virtual existence” category. If enough of us stop clapping, maybe they won’t be real.


2 responses to “Katie California

  1. I remember feeling a bit dizzy as I waded into the Pacific at Redondo Beach soon after arriving at LAX airport and my flight from Newark, NJ! Had I really traveled from ocean to ocean in such a seemingly short time with all those fields and mountains and deserts and life stories in between? Soak it all up, Katie, and enjoy the “natural high”…and also some nice California wines! AJ

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