Up so early

What are we doing up so early?

Yoga, lots of poses…mainly corpse. All corpse. Coffee. Lists. Lists. Lists. Dog walking. Unloading the knives from the utensils caddy before the baby is up. Tip toeing and generally trying to keep quiet, because she needs sleep and I need 45 minutes.

Looking at the paper airplanes we made yesterday, artifacts of the extent of our family’s creativity. Those and the snowflakes that Zo then ripped to pieces and began tossing over her head with a “WHEEEEE!” She gets snowflakes.

Checking e-mail. How did Viking River Cruises find me? How do they know that I desperately long to go on a senior citizens cruise??? I guess my constant checking in on PBS’s FaceBook page has not gone unnoticed.

And praying that everyone I meet today is nothing but nice and kind and accommodating. Praying that I am not challenged or pushed out of my comfy space. Praying that someone out there brings me cookies.

And taking a big breath and pausing then trying to breathe in a little more. Just like the yoga taught me.

And trying again.

Asking that wherever I go and whoever I meet I borrow the courage to bring at least 85% of myself to the party. Asking to borrow the strength to simply show up, because I read about “just showing up” somewhere and it sounds so catchy. And hoping I’m lent these things free of charge.

Remembering how at dinner time Zoey will fold her hands and say “AMAN”, thinking it means “Now the foods.”


4 responses to “Up so early

      • Hey- are you making fun of my extremely profound bumper sticker??? It’s the least I can do (literally, the least I can do, although I did buy it, spit on my window to “clean it” and slap it on)

      • Ha! Shoot. Well, don’t I look like a jerk?? I forgot you had one too! There was a guy (who clearly I wasn’t fond of) in school who had the sticker on his laptop. And for someone supposedly so grateful he sure did complain a lot. But please trust that now, I will regularly check in to make sure you are, in fac,t being in gratitude!

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