Eat, Pray, Melt (but not in that order)

In the last couple months,  I’ve had the joy of getting to rub up against the edges of a lot of thoughtfully creative new friends and ideas. This has been amazing and hard and, as with a lot of other unfamiliar territory, I’ve gone in to most of it kicking and clinging.

What’s come out of this time has been some oxygenated energy and relationships. And today is feeling like a “share the bounty” kind of day. And yes, we’re going to call a “bounty” three things. Sorry, we already took a vote…

So without further ado, here are some of the byproducts of this time in the fresh air.

Eat (my darling)


Image c/o SCD Foodie

I made these last week and foolishly thought the best part of the process was when I successfully rolled the dough into a nice little cylinder. To be clear, this definitely earned me some permanent Pioneer Woman points, however the really ridiculous joy came from sharing them with Zoey, who gave an enthusiastic “mmmMMMMmmm” between each bite. I mean…really. This girl. Hers is an entirely appropriate response, whether you are 18 months or 38 years old. The blog itself is whatever a healthy foodie/Jesus-y mom blog will be. The cinnamon rolls should not be overlooked.



If I haven’t mentioned it before, you should know that I’m on a mission (from God) to bring back the lost art of the bulletin board. We all have a calling, right? Theresa Cho is helping me out and making it look good! The best part of this project was getting to DESTROY THE CRAYONS!!! The worst part was having to peel and cut them up. Hire a teenager to do this part for you. Do not offer co-authorship.


Collaborating Creator,

Help us to leave enough space on our schedules, in our minds, at our tables to allow your crazy grace to flow when we pray for you to “fill us”, heed you to “be here”, beg you to “abide with us”, demand you to “get down here”.

Amen (times ten.)


3 responses to “Eat, Pray, Melt (but not in that order)

  1. “A-a-a-t la-a-a-st!! ! My-y-y love has come along!!!” (Mmmmm…sing it, Etta). Thank you for this recipe, Katie! Can’t wait for a rainy day to try them! And if Z likes them, that’s all the recommendation we need!! We are so into gluten-free eating…at least gluten aware and most days “free”!!! Sweet Tomatoes salad buffet restaurant has fabulous gluten-free coconut muffins; search Google and you’ll find a number of recipes. Great way to use that coconut flour and milk!

    And then you you can use that extra coconut in Ina Garten’s Roasted Hazelnut Granola (Trader Joe has gluten-free oatmeal that is perfect for this recipe and that’s also my source for the nuts). I always keep this granola on hand! xoxoxo. AJ

    • The morning we enjoyed these (the day of our last round of snow!) I sat down and started an e-mail to you that had this recipe in it and a picture of Zoey with her sticky, happy fingers! I also have one for almond butter “brownies” that I need another test kitchen to help perfect and a sweet potato/almond flour belgian waffle that’s pretty close to “mmmMMMmmm”! One day, this e-mail will make it your way!

  2. I will eagerly await that e-mail…can’t receive too many images of that girl! Would also love being your test kitchen!! BTW, I don’t use Ina’s 400 degree oven for the granola. Usually set it at 325 for first 10 minutes…take it out for a stir (kinda like party mix ;-)…raise temp. to 350 for last 10 minutes. Eating fun and healthy and awaiting the “mmmm”s is a reward of motherhood!!! Xoxoxo AJ

    P.S. Hope winter is about to surrender for all of you! One good blizzard is fun but enough already. Those azaleas will be blooming before you know it!

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