Pancakes Tonight: A Litany

Today the cold won’t creep past 30 (technically, 28),

but there will be pancakes tonight.

Today the work will seem to go on and on and on…

but it will end with pancakes tonight.

Today the teething will continue,

and we will chew on pancakes tonight.

Today we will pay the student loan,

and will still be able to afford pancakes tonight.

Today will require pants, real pants, from us,

but there will be pancakes tonight.

Today will need us to be “grown-up about things”

but there will be no such prerequisite for pancakes tonight.

Today is going to take some stretching, some warm up,

and for the wind-down, we will have pancakes tonight.

Today is only Tuesday? Really??

Yes. Really. And we’re having pancakes tonight.



And this:

And also this (for Marylanders!):




6 responses to “Pancakes Tonight: A Litany

  1. Just fyi, you are one of the very few writers in my email that aren’t super-serious business-y leadership-y type dudes, but your stuff is repeatedly my favorite post each morning before I get going. Just thought I’d finally say thanks. Enjoy the pancakes. 🙂

  2. What a satisfying and comforting litany, Katie! The pancake as the wafer for your agape meal…pure heaven! Thank you for your inspiration! xoxoxo AJ

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