Where in the world…

Actually, I did not give up blogging for the latter part of Lent, at least not on purpose! So this is a quick “Hi!” to say I’m alive and well though not living in Paris.

Round here we  (stay up very, very, very, very late and) are prepping for take off in a few different ways: I’m going to be venturing into a kind of new professional direction in the next couple months. Marc will be starting his grad program in DC later this summer. And Zo will begin her preschool course of study once she turns two in August.

I choose to approach these changes with as much eye-rolling and labored breathing as possible. I make sure to register all complaints as publicly as I can and at least twice a day I mandate that everyone stop what they’re doing and cater to my anxiety. Those who protest and offer reassurances like, “but Katie, you’re fine. You can do this. They’re just pants.” are written out of my life for no less than twenty minutes.

Our dog, Rumer, seems to be the only one here who gets me. Her sympathies come with a lot of drool and dog hair so I always have to weigh how needy I am in the moment.

Marc is one of those weird people who “just does” things. I don’t get it. I have watched him for years and it’s still lost on me. Even when the unexpected pops up he just gets to work. He is totally missing out on all the fun that comes with hyperventilating in the pantry…

And Zoey is proving to be just like her good ol’ dad in this way. She just goes and does everything. I try to tell her that I’m super educated and I know a lot (in class once, we talked about it for ten minutes) about birth order and that she is not acting like a first child at all. Girlfriend is fearless and doesn’t seem to care much about what you think of her. Again, lost on me.

In all the change we continue to be surrounded by wonderful and courageous people who feed us, open their door and their wine to us, follow Zo when she runs away (as she does now), take days to come be with us, pep-talk us when we need it, write beautiful children’s messages that we can borrow for Easter, don’t blame us for not calling or answering the phone for weeks…you get what I’m saying.

Same ending to all my stories: where in the world would I be without people?




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