Yes and No

Me: Isn’t this banana good?

Z: No.

Me: Are you sure? You seem to really love bananas?

Z: Nanas? Mo?

Me: No, that was our last banana.

Z: No.

Me: I promise I’m telling you the truth.


Me: Cookies for breakfast? What kind of mother would I be?


Me: I can’t. They arrest people for feeding their children cookies before noon.


Me: It’s not so much a literal imprisonment but a cultural one. And less like a physical jail but more a prison of shame.

Z: (stares)

Me: So we’re going to clean up and-

Z: No.

Me: Ok, then we’ll just sit here.

Z: No.

Me: Sure, sure. Um, we could meditate?

Z: No.

Me: I’m not sure why I keep offering you choices.

Z: NO!

Me: That wasn’t even a yes or no thing.


Me: Zo, I’m trying. I’m really trying.

Z: No!

Me: Well that feels like an attack on my personhood.

Z: DaDa?

Me: Yes, here’s the open wound. Just lay that salt right in there.

Z: DaDa! Kiss??

Me: You know, a lot of people think I’m really great. At least three people in this world would really delight in having my company over a breakfast of eggs and bananas.

Z: Nana????

Me: You’re missing the point…

Z: Eeeeggs?

Me: NO!

Z: YES!!


One response to “Yes and No

  1. Ahhh…once again that fresh breath of very hungry air wafts through the ether and back into our lives even as change wafts through your own life. And through Zoey’s it sounds. She must be almost two…no?!!! ;-)). I remember devouring Dr. Benjamin Spock’s Baby and Child Care book and finding comfort in his comment that a child must learn to say “no” or risk becoming a patsy. That helped as a mantra on most days…throwing his book out the window seemed to help on the other days (I did, however, always rescue that book…it got me through croup and chicken pox), xoxoxo AJ

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