I don’t mean to brag

Dearest World, I don’t mean to brag, but I wanted to let you know-before it hits the news- that I reached a level of “amazing” this week that I haven’t seen in a long, long while.

First, I trimmed my finger nails. I know, right??? But here’s the kicker: it only took me one week from the time I thought “geez, I need to cut my nails” to the day that I actually got down to business. So yeah, straight up Ken Burns material right here.

THEN there was my hair cut, which was scheduled for somewhere around 14 months ago but I cancelled because I was going to go super short and then Miley’s hair happened and I didn’t have enough time to rethink my plan and I panicked. These things take time.

After my triumphant return to the salon, Z and I went for a walk with our friends Holly and Stella and we were only ten minutes late meeting up with them. No, you read that correctly. Ten minutes. Basically, on-the-dot. So yes, we’re neighbors and “technically” we were meeting outside our front door. But did I mention Z and I were both fully clothed? Like shoes and everything. What’s that?? “Get this girl on the cover of Time Magazine”??? Now you’re just being silly.

So yeah. It’s been a big week. I could go on about how I refilled the Brita, unpacked my bags from a trip over two months ago, and did not have a full on breakdown when I realized I’ve reached my limit of 7 renewals on the library’s yoga DVDs (the best coasters I’ve EVER borrowed) but since I’m obviously back into writing I figure I should save something for the book deal that’s clearly coming my way.


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